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As you have read in the introduction above, this server has got a specific setting as in global goals that we want to achieve. In order to do this, there are some things that are not controlled by the players. To reflect this we decided to create a law that is called "Constitution". In this law the server administrators set the rules that players may not change or repeal. If someone tries to change or repeal this law nevertheless, the proposal will be repealed by an administrator. Despite this, you are free to debate the "Constitution" here on our discord and persuade our administrators to change it. If a change gets accepted that will most probably first come into effect with the next cycle of the server, though. The constitution will only contain clauses that are needed to set a setting, they will not include taxes or prohibiting clauses that have nothing to do with the servers setting. Only clauses needed to create the servers setting or to keep the server up in danger of a chaotic failure will be in there. The concept of a constitution seemed to be the easiest way to have the players control the actual game, but have a setting set by the server administrators without having too much conflict and confusion. Think of it as the server administrators that care about the server, maintain and pay for it to be the founders of the republic that decided the constitution.


Until the game is fully fleshed out, our server will have planned resets even though our final goal is to have a server with nearly no resets in the future. The time between two resets is called a cycle and given a consecutive number. The current cycle, for example, is #3. Usually those cycles last at least until 60 days after the meteor has been destroyed, which should be around 3 months in total. An earlier reset is possible when a major game changing update is due to be released, the players vote for a reset or the number of active players has dropped too low. A later reset is also possible, especially when an update is due to be released shortly after the date on which the reset should have taken place.


While we used a 1 km² world in cycle #1 that was so small that the world was completely claimed at the end of the cycle, in cycle #2 we used a 16 km² world and found out that this causes some major lag to players, especially when the load is high, people claim land or when people are using the map. Some players that have older hardware couldn't even open the map because their game crashed otherwise. Another issue with a map this big is that it's nearly impossible to create an ecological footstep which lead to the ecology part of the game being nearly inexistent. For cycle #3 we therefore decided to use a 4 km² map that has it's sea level on 64 instead of 40 and it's maximum height on 128 instead of 100 - this will make resources being available for quite some time, despite the map being 4 times smaller. We also reduced the amount of oceans to around 25% from 50 % + what allows us to consider the oceans being more something like better rivers - this change was made to get more building space available as the oceans at the moment are only useful for fishing. With those changes players will also need to think about the ecology and the amount of claimed property again and bring them a bit more together.


In cycle #1 and cycle #2 we used the "Low Collaboration" setting for difficulty. While that did work out in cycle #1, cycle #2 had too many players for this to work and people started to do not only multiple jobs but instead do most jobs by themselves. This does not only decrease motivation to play very fast but makes the economy very vulnerable and is also not the way the game is meant to be played. Unfortunately you can never know how many players a server will have and how many stay active. For cycle #3 we therefore decided to use a "Medium Collaboration" difficulty setting from the beginning with the compromise of handing out a little amount of skillpoints for crafting and maybe also actions - the latter change is still in elaboration. This will allow players that play often and much to be awarded more skillpoints whilst not giving them an advantage that is so big that people who play rarely have no chance to keep up. If this does not work out, the possibility of decreasing the difficulty setting is still available as that has a much lower impact on the game experience and works better than increasing it.


Our server provides a government owned capital city that is controlled by both the government and the server administrators. On your first visit you spawn on the marketplace of this city next to the commercial and governmental area and you will probably get back to here often. The capital is divided into industrial, commercial, housing and governmental areas and got special protection laws to ensure it can grow as a planned city and to ensure new players will find basic resources there as it is specifically vulnerable as of all new players spawning there. The capital also provides you with some starter gear. While this is primarily composed of free skill scrolls in cycle #2, we will change that to mostly provide basic food to our new players, so they can get started themselves. You will also find the federal bank, governmental shops and several other interesting things there. You can buy property in the housing, commercial and industrial areas of the city for a fixed price of one "Land Claiming Paper" per claim, read more about that in the section "Currency" below. We would love to have a shop and a house from every player in the capital city, but for living in the capital additional rules apply. The government is allowed to set conditions you have to fulfill to be allowed to buy claims in the city - these can include price ranges for shops but most probably will set a building setting - in most cases that will be skyscrapers to save on room. You also need to keep industry to the industrial area, shops to the commercial area and private houses to the housing area, mixing those is not allowed.


Our server does use a global currency, at least as soon as the tech level has advanced enough to create it. For now, there is only one currency available and the creation of new currencies is prevented by the constitution - that might be changed in later cycles of the server. The current global currency is named "Dollar" and backed with "Gold Ore" and you were supposed to bring gold ore, that has a fixed price, to get yourself started. That was not the best choice, therefore we will change that for Cycle #3. As of Cycle #3 our currency will be named "Dollar" and be backed by "Gold Ingot"s. The mint will be in a government property that is controlled by whoever is the server leader at the moment. To get yourself started, you are supposed to sell some "Land Claim Papers" for a constitutional fixed price of 50 $ to the "Federal Bank", which is a government shop that also will be under control of the current leader. The price for gold ingots will also be constitutionally fixed, but that still needs to be fleshed out as soon as Version 7.7 of the game allows to set the amount of coins that are created for each "Gold Ingot". The goal behind this is to encourage players to claim less property and allow the people that really need it to buy those limited "Land Claim Papers", as they can't be created. For this to work we will no longer hand out free "Skill Scroll"s to new players but instead supply them with food to get them started. Skill Scrolls may still be sold, but the price should be at least 250 $ for each, as it must take into account the "Land Claim Papers" that are awarded for learning these. This will also encourage players to research themselves and therefore needing the help of the economy. Another consequence of this system is, that selling "Land Claim Papers" will be only allowed for the government.


Every player has the option to set a personal objective when pressing "O". Optimally, you should put your jobs into that field in a way they get linked to the professions. For example, you could set "Smith Engineer" as your objective, this will then show other players looking at the list of players that you are a smith and an engineer. That makes searching for people that have specific jobs even easier. You maybe also didn't know yet that you can hover over an item in the game to see who buys and sells it and where and for which price he does. You can also see who is able to make the item and with which level of efficiency, if it's not for sale yet. There is also a "global" objective that can only be set by the world leader. At the moment we use this to hand out more information to players before they join the server. This is not mandatory, though. The current world leader is free to set a specific goal in the global objective as long as the text in the global objective is kept objective. For example, the leader could set "Building a Landfill" as objective, when he think's that is the one thing the world does need most at the moment.


The game includes a reputation system that allows players to give up to 10 positive or negative reputation points to other players each day. Players with good reputation will be colored green, players with bad reputation will be colored red instead. You can give points to a player by pressing "O" and clicking on the reputation rank in brackets "()" after their name in the list. You can then specifiy how many reputation points you want to give that player, if they should be positive or negative (put a "-" in front of the value) and write an review. Please do actually use this feature whenever a player deserves it - in both ways. Other players can then reference the reputation in contracts, so they - for example - can set that they only want to do business with people having 100 reputation points or more. The reputation system also has a multiplier for calculating the final value of reputation points of a player - the more different players gave a player a positive or negative reputation, the higher the multiplier gets for that player. Please write a short review for every occasion on which you hand out reputation points to another player - and please keep the review objective. Don't use the feature to insult other players.


You are free to build nearly whatever you want on your own property as long as your buildings follow real world physics, that does mean that buildings may not be flying and need to be supported realistically. Outside of your private property the same applies, but you need to also take into account that those buildings have no protection - if you want to build something for the public or the government, talk to an administrator or government official to get that protected. Objects must be placed realistically.

As of patch 7.7 road building is a public service, that does mean that all public roads will be regulated by the government. You can build them yourself for free, get paid for that by the treasury or just wait until the government builds the roads. In every case you have to speak to an government official first as all roads have to be exactly 5 blocks wide and must fit into one claim that will be claimed by the government after building. The roads should also be planned wisely. The government is allowed to seize property to build roads as long as it compensates for this. Roads also must have at least 4, better 5 blocks of free space above them so any vehicle can pass. You can have private roads on your property (but only there!) that do not need to follow these rules, but they must be unreachable by the public road or at least a sign must be placed that notes people of the road being a private one. Public roads may not go diagonally as of the "fitting into a claim" rule. This can be waived for bridges that lead over water, as no useful room will be claimed then. Every property should have access to a public road. Roads should be built on water level - tunnels coated with mortared stones have a higher priority than ramps if possible. Pillars for bridges must reach down until the ground of the ocean. [GLOBAL MARKERS, OBJECTIVE, STOCKPILES ROOF BASEMENT, CAPITAL BUILDING, MINING]


While the world like we described it in the section “**World**” above should be big enough to provide enough space and resources for all players, we want to encourage players to only use as much space as they really need and give an incentive to do so by having the government exclusively buy "Land Claim Papers" at the Federal Bank, where it does also exclusively resell them to players that do really need more of them for their projects - you can read more about that in the section "**Currency**" below. When you start playing on the server, you should really decide on a profession you want to do (probably ask in the chat which ones are needed most at the moment) and choose a good location for your home and industry before doing anything else. Consider that the further away from the capital you are, the longer it takes until roads that lead to you are built and therefore trade can be impeded for you for quite a while. You also need to know that properties near the capital naturally will be much closer to each other than somewhere else and that this like we intend it to be. The probably best location is one that already has a road (planned) nearby and is not too near to but also not too far from the capital and has all the resources you need for your profession nearby. We also know that every now and then there will be disputes about property claims, but you need to understand that only claimed property is your property - that does especially apply to mines. However, we do expect collaborative behaviour from our players which means you should not claim your property directly next to another property and think about where a player might want to expand to before claiming. The best option is to ask your (future) neighbor(s) before claiming there. Deliberately blocking other people’s expansion plans or possibilities is considered “griefing” and will get you banned with no prior warning.

On your property you are free to build what you want, as long as you do not violate any other rules. Please note that we require buildings and world objects to be set up realistically. That does mean, for example, that buildings may not be "flying" but instead must be supported by pillars or other means and that a blast furnace in a building must be connected to some pipes that act as a chimney to transport the CO² to the outside of the building. If you build near rivers or waterfalls, please do not remove them and pay attention to not damage them by building too near to them. You are also allowed to build on and in oceans, as long as you keep enough space so that ship traffic with two "lanes" will still be possible on that part of the ocean whenever ships are implemented into the game. Also, when building IN water, pay special attention to where you build as water blocks behave badly sometimes when a block is removed after (accidentially) placing it and won't fill up again - we don't like broken water blocks at all. You indeed can (and have to if there is no public storage available) store garbage and tailings on your own property - but if you do it wrong and create ground pollution you might get fined and / or ordered to fix the problem by the government. Your claimed property can be seized by an administrator or an official with the right to seize if you do not pay a fine or refuse to pay back a taken loan. In this case as many property claims will be seized as are needed to pay for the fine or loan - read more about the usage and value of "Land Claim Papers" in the section "*Currency*". Seizing will start with property claims you do not use, but if there are no unused claims used ones will be seized and all items and objects on them will be unprotected - they will not be seized, though. Another reason your property can be seized is the government wanting to build a public road as those got priority over private property - in this case you will get compensated.

The most important reason for seizing is being inactive - ALL of your property can be seized after 7 days of inactivity or after 30 days of inactivity when you noticed us about your inactivity in before. While at the moment this will be enforced manually and only if there is a good reason to do so (for example the space is needed), in the future this will be done automatically by a law, so take care of that! Properties that primarily consist of only a "Starter Camp" can be seized after 1 day of inactivity at the discretion of an administrator. (If you want to come back, contact an administrator to get a new "Starter Camp"). If you want to build a road on your property it must be locked and only be accessible to authorized users, that means you need to use doors to prevent access to it, as only private roads may exist in private property.